Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 – You make your application to participate on the Registration Form and upload your proposed offers to the ATDW. Once accepted you will have access to a bespoke portal.

Step 2 – From Tuesday 5 January 2021 the consumer will be able to obtain their Great State Voucher (which contains a unique identifier). They take advantage of any offer/s you make from Thursday 7 January 2021 by booking directly with you. You validate their Great State Voucher on the portal and confirm details of the booking.

Step 3 – The consumer completes their stay and pays the discounted rate on offer. You claim your rebate from the SATC in accordance with the terms and conditions.

The campaign will launch at 11am (ACDT) Tuesday 5 January 2021 and run until 5pm (ACDT) Wednesday 6 January 2021, unless the SATC’s Great State Voucher allocation has been exhausted prior. In this case, the SATC will close off the portal to consumers.

Consumers who have successfully obtained a Great State Voucher will be able to start making their bookings from Tuesday 7 to Sunday 31 January, for travel between Thursday 7 January to Wednesday 31 March 2021.
The offer is valid for travel between Thursday 7 January to Wednesday 31 March 2021 inclusive (excluding Saturday nights).
Yes, the Great State Voucher is open to all Australian residents over the age of 18.
Consumers will be able to access 1 x $100 for CBD, 1 x $50 for Adelaide suburb/region per person.
CBD hotels have seen a huge decrease in overnight stays and some have had an extended hibernation, as their stays are mostly made up by international visitation and corporate travel. Consumers can get both the $100 and $50 vouchers and we hope this will entice them to get into the city and out to the regions. Overnight stays encourages further expenditure on experiences and hospitality.
Research data shows that regions are at or nearing normal capacity for weekend stays year on year. This rebate is designed to further boost both regions and the city where needed.
Yes. The name of the Voucher must match the name on the booking. The vouchers are not transferable. Please ensure you check this thoroughly to avoid any confusion.
You are required to verify the unique identifier in the system as part of your process to accept the booking and claim your rebate. All unique identifiers must be verified in the system no later than 11.59pm Friday 5 February 2021.

Accommodation providers are required to load their offer/s via the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) platform.

A how-to document is available online.

It's up to you, but we would recommend a deal that has an attractive price point, as this will be a major factor in consumers’ decision making.
Yes, as long as you are able to take bookings with a promotional code, and otherwise fit the criteria and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
It is entirely optional to participate. The SATC hopes to have all regions represented in this campaign.
Yes, although any package you create must have a total value of at least $1 more than the discounted amount. For example, a city provider with a room night charge of $99 must have a deal of at least two nights for $198. The discount of $100 can then be applied, and the consumer then pays $98 for two nights, and you claim your $100 rebate from the SATC. The offer will not apply in any circumstance where the offer is less than the value of the rebate.
No, consumers are not able to redeem the Great State Voucher via a third-party provider. All consumers must book directly with the individual accommodation provider.
We would encourage you to seek a new date with the customer within the travel period.
This rebate is intended to create new bookings, however the functionality does cater for this. Consumers will be required to contact accommodation providers directly to discuss options.
No, the unique identifiers will be completely different and are not interchangeable.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to value-add wherever you can, to encourage consumers to stay for as long as possible and spend as much as possible.

The SATC would need to review the campaign and will be guided by the current advice from SA Health.

Yes. The SATC will provide comprehensive fact sheets about all aspects of the campaign, guidelines, and a dedicated helpline. This information will be provided to accommodation providers prior to the campaign launch.

For support with your Registration of Participation please call 8463 4677 during business hours.

No, the Great State Voucher can ONLY be used for the deals accommodation providers upload via the ATDW in relation to this promotion which will be visible on
No. The eligibility criteria refers to a minimum of 5 rooms under the same business name on the same property or in the same postcode. Self-contained properties are considered to be separately bookable accommodation rooms. Although the total number of bedrooms available may exceed 5, the total number of bookable accommodation rooms is less than 5 and therefore does not meet the eligibility criteria.
We contacted operators listed in the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). If you did not have a listing, we were not able to determine your eligibility as an accommodation provider. We strongly encourage you to list your business on the ATDW to ensure you are included in future activities. It is free to list. More information on how to register your business on the ATDW can be found here:
We have expanded this criterion in this round to include providers with more than 5+ separately bookable rooms, down from the original criterion of 10+ rooms, which opens it up to almost 800 South Australian accommodation operators, based on those listed in the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). While this represents approximately 36% of all accommodation providers, it covers more than 88% of available rooms in the state. In Adelaide city, this figure forms 99% of the overall room stock available. The SATC does not have the capacity to include all types of accommodation providers in this program and must take into account operational limitations.